First blog post


So,  after long desire to have somewhere to drop some crazy stuffs,  crazy thoughts like, the guy I’m crushing on,  why I do not think the society is normal,  why I think spouses should do chores together or why I am dating or dated some guy that doesn’t ‘fit me’ like my friends would say,  I finally summoned the courage to create a blog for my craziness and your craziness. 

I am really scared as to keeping up with this blog because mood changes and who knows maybe tomorrow, I’ll be all not crazy and be wondering why I set up the blog at first. Anyways,  this blog is up and it’s up.  So,  just enjoy it and let’s make it fun together.  Guest bloggers/writers are welcome. I’ll drop a few articles for you to understand what I mean by ‘CrazyEpistles’ then,  I’d expect your crazy messages in my email, 

Drop a comment before you go! 

And please be nice with your posts 😘