CrazyEpistle: Don’t beg me! I’m wearing trousers.

This coming session, I’ll be dressing in more of trousers. You see eh,  when I freshly finished my high school studies and I was pursuing JAMB up and down,  my big cousin asked me one question. 
“So, Dami,  will you be wearing trousers in university?  Do you know it’s easier to do all the running up and down campus life in trousers?”

I didn’t give her a definite answer but I knew I was going to rock my skirts until I am convinced to change my style. And,  I did! I rocked skirt for 4years in university. I’ve also answered countless number of questions like “why don’t you wear trousers?” And I’ll be like,  “My dad doesn’t like it.”

But,  shey you see this final year ehn,  I have a lot on my mind;  lectures, entrepreneurial responsibilities and if you care to know, sexiness. That last reason is the reason why my dad doesn’t like the idea of ladies wearing trousers outdoor. Although, he let’s us wear them indoor for chores and all and I’ve been loyal to him ever since.

You can call me a bad child but, don’t worry, I’ll play my game right.  I’m not going to go home with trousers until I’ve collected all my allowance and school fees. I cannot risk it. Before daddy will vex and disown me because of trousers. But, I’m going to wear trousers to outdoor occasions this session!
Don’t beg me!

So,  I need advice from all ye trousers experts,  how do you do it? How do I identify my size in the market? Do I try it on?
As a broke girl, which colours and materials are rugged for me?
What’s the best style?  Pocket trousers or just plain without pockets?
Anything else please?  Drop your comments.